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Created in 2015 « POCKET PRIVILEGES » is the fastest growing Prestige lifestyle network connecting the world's Elite to a selection of hand-picked professionals offering unique, exclusive or rare products and services in Monaco, St Tropez, Cannes, Ibiza, Marbella, London, Amsterdam, Paris, French Alps, Sardegna and expanding to a global organization.
Developed by a group of experienced and trustworthy concierges active daily in their respective locations, the club is focused around a high end quality charter and operates with a revolutionary tool… an Interactive Interconnected Interface in 8 languages...


The club aims to gather into a global network a carefully selected group of professionals of the luxury industry sharing the same values of excellence, quality and service mindedness.
By offering privileges to our members they increase customer's experience in a bespoke way.
The selection criterias to join the club are ratified in a precise quality charter that certifies the value of each provider with a vision to create the first world wide quality label for VIP customers.


Our members are but not limited to villa owners, Yacht owners, boutique hotels, Private jet companies, golfs country clubs, International companies Executives, Luxury travel agencies and professional athletes.
These busy VIP's need daily services or goods in all possible business sectors and expect them to be delivered in a timely, efficient and professional manner and when necessary receive logistical assistance from experts.
Thanks to the incredible features of our easy to use Interface, the members are connected directly and in real time to the club's partners, without the need for a third party, which facilitates trade, bookings, use and customer loyalty by connecting them in a privileged way to the decision makers.


Available on IPhone & IPad our Interface allows our members to geolocate our providers from the closest to the furthest to their position with their availability displayed in real time.
This is possible thanks to a dedicated and personal back office managed individually by each partner.
Thanks to the video, picture gallery, event calendar, notifications and PDF Menus the members have access to all necessary information to motivate and assist them in choosing the right business capable of fulfilling their expectations. During every exchange, with a member, the partner has access to the profile information of the client facilitating the rendering of a personalized and bespoke welcome.


The partners join in for a yearly membership fee and are not subject to any form of commissioning system. Therefore they have the liberty to enhance the experience of our VIP's by going the extra mile in offering special promotions, discounts, upgrades or VIP treats.

Example of video presentation



Admission to the club is by invitation or sponsorship only and is limited in number.
Contractors must produce all documents relating to the exercise of their profession (Licenses, Certificates, Diplomas, Register of Commerce and Insurance).
After validation of the application, the joining will commit to respect the rules of the club and the privacy of its members by signing our quality charter.


  1. Give a personalized welcome by a manager in English (minimum).
  2. Inform seamlessly about your offers and public rates.
  3. Respect any contractual commitment in a timely manner.
  4. Ensure quality services and continuous improvement while respecting the basic rules of hygiene.
  5. Assign, to the realization of benefits, trained and respectful stakeholders.
  6. Provide marketing and promotional offers in priority our members.
  7. Maintain a good privileged trading relationship with members.
  8. Applying the principle of confidentiality and professional secrecy.
  9. Consider our members as privileged and recognized clients.
  10. Sponsor new members to the club who are matching our selective criteria.
  11. Give a "Privilege" to our Members in the form of vouchers, upgrades, discount, additional service or exceptional commercial gesture.
  12. Ensure reactive monitoring and support of any request within 48 hours.
The Partners undertake to respect the charter in all circumstances and make every effort to meet all club members requests.
Every member will be excluded from the club after three breaches of the charter of quality and cannot claim any refund of contributions.
The minimum commitment period is annual and is renewed on 1st January of each year.
We limit the number of Partners by profession and geographical area.(ask us for details)
You are also specialized in luxury service or products with a minimum of 5 years of operation and would like to join the Club then contact us by email to submit your application.
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The club "POCKET PRIVILEGES" is the exclusive property of SARL TTC International / France.


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